pozole verde with chicken

Pozole Verde with Chicken

Mexican food is often demonized by diet culture as being unhealthy with many people thinking that they need to give up the foods they grew up on to achieve health. However, the ingredients used in traditional Mexican cooking are nourishing and flavorful, and all foods can fit into your diet. In addition, food helps us connect to our own culture and learn about other cultures. Instead of labeling a food as bad, ask yourself “what …

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five positive nutrition resolutions for the new year

5 positive Nutrition Resolutions for the New Year

Finally 2020 is coming to an end, but the emotional and physical effects of 2020 will not be going away anytime soon. Even if you have gained weight this year, I encourage you to focus on creating resolutions not focused on the number on the scale. Instead, create resolutions focused on creating better habits that don’t leave you feeling guilty or deprived.  Here are 5 positive nutrition resolutions to set for yourself:  Let go of …

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6 Ways to Build a Better Smoothie

Looking to create a more balanced smoothie that won’t cause your blood sugar to spike? Smoothies are an easy way to get in a variety of nutritious foods. However, many smoothies are loaded in sugar which can cause your blood sugar to spike after you drink it. If you are pre-diabetic or diabetic, it is important to include the right balance of ingredients to help prevent your blood sugar from spiking. Here are six suggestions …

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